Admire Katy Perry’s luxurious Los Angeles penthouse

Admire Katy Perry’s luxurious Los Angeles penthouse!

After parting ways with her lavish Beverly Hills mansion, which fetched a remarkable $18M, Perry made a strategic move back to Santa Barbara. However, she couldn’t resist the allure of maintaining a presence in the city that played a crucial role in launching her illustrious career. And so, she decided to invest in her new abode, a breathtaking “junior penthouse” as described in the listing, acquired from Jen Kao, the daughter of the billionaire Garmin founder Min Kao.

The 278-square-meter condo, originally bought by Kao for $9.3M in 2016, underwent extensive customizations that matched her unique taste. The property was initially listed for $12.5M, but Katy Perry seized the opportunity and successfully negotiated the deal at $11M.

Once inside, one is greeted by a world of opulence and extravagance. An exquisite ruby-red movie theatre caters to entertainment enthusiasts, while a built-in yoga wall invites those seeking relaxation and wellness. The wet bar, featuring exotic zebra wood, adds a touch of refinement, complementing the black walnut hardwood floors, automated blackout shades, and steel windows that grace the interior.

Through the glass doors, a balcony unveils breathtaking jetliner views of the surrounding hills, creating an oasis within the bustling cityscape.

The residence’s highlights also include a sleek and chic kitchen equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and a convenient walk-in pantry. Additionally, a private office caters to her professional needs, while the master suite, adorned with a marble bathroom, provides a luxurious retreat.

What sets this unit apart is its uniqueness, born from the fusion of two smaller condos into one spacious haven, boasting two large bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Perched within the iconic Sierra Towers skyscraper, an architectural masterpiece designed by the renowned Jack A. Charney, the residence overlooks the bustling intersection of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, and the Sunset Strip. It’s no surprise that this star-studded landmark has attracted celebrities, including the likes of the Osbournes, Adam Sandler, and Mary Hart, for decades.

Though primarily residing in Montecito, where she acquired a remarkable $14 million estate three years ago, Katy Perry continues to nurture her connection to Los Angeles, and this recent acquisition further cements her ties to the vibrant city.

Worth noting, her new residence isn’t far from the home of none other than Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, adding an interesting twist to the celebrity neighborhood.

As for Jen Kao, she too has relocated to a stunning hilltop Beverly Hills residence, acquired a few years back from the talented actress Jodie Foster.