Close-up of the Beckham family’s most luxurious resort worth up to $ 200 million, is it worth it?


Close-up of the Beckham family’s most luxurious resort worth up to $ 200 million, is it worth it?

Located in Los Angeles’s prestigious Holmby Hills neighborhood, the W-shaped mansion owned by film producer Aaron Spelling is a colossal residence spanning over 5,500 square meters. To put it into perspective, it surpasses the size of the White House in the United States.

This opulent property, known as “The Manor,” is currently the most expensive real estate in the country, with an estimated value of $200 million.

Despite already owning a substantial portfolio of high-end properties, the Beckhams have expressed their intention to acquire this luxurious flat. The Manor stands as the largest residence in the Los Angeles area, boasting an impressive total area of 190,000 square meters.

It encompasses a staggering 123 rooms, including 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, and an array of living, dining, entertainment, and reading rooms. The apartment’s entrance features a sleek and elegant design, characterized by a primary white color scheme.

In addition to the essential rooms, the mansion offers an array of amenities such as a gym, a bowling alley, two garages capable of accommodating up to 100 cars, a tennis court, and a swimming pool. Upon completion of the negotiations, this acquisition will become the Beckhams’ most valuable asset since their purchase of the Bel Air house for $24 million.

The couple’s decision to acquire this residence has been meticulously planned by their team of experts, as reported by The Daily Star Sunday. Their aim is to create the most comfortable living environment for their family of four.

One of the couple’s specific requirements is for the home to be spacious enough for Victoria Beckham to design her fashion catwalk right within the property. Additionally, the house must include a dedicated play area for Brooklyn and his friends, as well as a dance studio for Harper, their 5-year-old daughter.

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