To satisfy his pastime, PSquare bought expensive jets without thinking

While fans of the Nigerian music duo Peter and Paul Okoye, known as P-Square, were celebrating what appeared to be the acquisition of a private jet, it has come to light that the group does not own a private jet, contrary to initial reports.

In an exclusive interview on Peace FM’s ‘Entertainment Review,’ P-Square’s publicist, Bayo Adetu, clarified the situation.

He revealed that the group did not actually own a private jet but had entered into an agreement with a private jet company. This arrangement allowed them to use a designated private jet whenever they required it.

Adetu stated, “Concerning the private jet, I think it’s been added to P-Square’s entourage because we have a deal with a private jet company. So, whenever P-Square has any official show, they are entitled to travel with the private jet anytime, any day.” P-Square remained the only artist in Africa with such an exclusive arrangement, granting them full access to a private jet at any time.

Regarding the reported deal with Universal Records, Adetu confirmed its authenticity. He stated, “Yeah, it’s true. The contract was signed on Thursday, 31st May 2012.”

He clarified that the contract was not restricted to South Africa but was a worldwide agreement. The contract had been signed in South Africa, and the documents were transferred to Universal Records’ worldwide headquarters. The deal held global significance.

Adetu hinted at promising developments stemming from this deal. “I think a lot of good things are coming their way, and this contract is just one of them. Both parties are happy about the contract, and we are comfortable with everything that comes with it. That’s all I can sаy for now.”

The conversation also touched upon P-Square’s latest collaboration with American rapper Rick Ross. Their collaboration, titled ‘Beautiful Onyinye,’ was a significant achievement. They had released both the song and its video worldwide. The video was shot in Miami, Florida, and Cape Town, South Africa, and was directed by P-Square’s elder brother, Jude Okoye, who also served as their manager.