Queen Niniola Apata shared that she felt lonely when living in a majestic villa but there was not a single person in sight

Nigerian singer and composer Niniola Apata blends Afro-house, Afro-pop, and R&B. Niniola has had a significant influence on Nigerian music thanks to her strong vocals, engaging performances, and catchy songs.

After placing third in the sixth season of Project FME West Africa in 2013, Niniola rose to fɑme. “Ibadi,” her debut solo single, was released in 2014. The song was an instant hιt, showcasing Niniola’s distinctive vocals and solidifying her as a force in the music industry.

Her music is characterized by her emotive voice, alluring beats, and memorable hooks. Niniola sings songs about self-expression, love, and empowerment. Her upbeat musical approach is inspired by modern African rhythms, house music, and afrobeat.

The song “Maradona,” which Niniola released in 2017, rocketed her career. The song topped the charts in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. Since then, Niniola has collaborated with Sarz on songs including “Sicker,” “Boda Sodiq,” and “Designer.”

Her debut album, “This Is Me,” was widely praised and received numerous nominations and awards in 2017. Niniola is renowned for her contagious energy, original lyrics, and talent for fusing modern influences with traditional African rhythms.

The impact of Niniola extends beyond music. She has wowed crowds at prestigious events and festivals all over the world. A new generation of African and Nigerian Afrobeat and Afro-house artists were inspired by her.

With her unique style and talent, Niniola continues to innovate in the music industry. She is one of Nigeria’s most promising musicians because of her distinctive voice, appealing tunes, and ability to mix genres.