Wizkid was excited when Naomi Campbell invited him on an expensive private jet

 Wizkid was excited when Naomi Campbell invited him on an expensive private jet

Wizkid and Naomi Campbell visited a fashion show in Milan and created a splash. Before taking a private plane to Milan, the dynamic duo took photos of their shared experience, which they immediately shared with their milliоns of admirers.


Wizkid and Naomi Campbell walked the Milan runway together, grinning. Wizkid and Naomi formed a new relationship when she visited his sold-out London AfroRepublik festival.

Naomi Campbell, known for her influence in fashion, often engages her followers with intriguing content, such as her informative guide on preventing the cоrоnavirus or her new YouTube series, “No Filter with Naomi.” This series features open conversations with her famous fashion industry acquaintances, many of whom she has worked with throughout her career, from fellow supermodels like Cindy Crawford to iconic designers like Marc Jacobs.

Campbell and Jacobs shared some fascinating and lesser-known facts about their renowned collaborations during a heartwarming reflection on their friendship, which began in the late 1980s.

One story they discussed was Marc Jacobs’s early Perry Ellis career. Jacobs revealed how Karl Lagerfeld and Gianni Versace supported him when he was hired and fired from Perry Ellis, introducing him to Donatella Versace and other key figures who became his enduring allies despite his heavy vaping habit.